We are a media company and for project to make movie looking experts in movie industry join to our team.

For movie project we have open positions join to our team.

Film infrastructure

From the largest studio complex in Eastern Europe to the latest post production facilities, to a special effects community that’s already operating at the highest international levels, our production community is supported by a high-quality, cost-efficient, dedicated film infrastructure.


We really stands out on its creative offering. From Production Designers to Wardrobe to Set Building to VFX, Creatives take the values and attention to detail that spring from centuries-old traditions of craftsmanship and apply it to their film work. That value ends up on the screen, in your picture.

From ancient castles to modern office buildings, architecture to seventies sprawl, from rolling countryside to dramatic rivers and cliffs.


Our media market provides and offer each location, including position, directions, distance to the airport and accommodation, contact details, etc. as well as a collection of digital photographs. You can also create a personal folio of images once you are registered and send the link to it to all your partners and clients.

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