About us

Alex Rokoff Movie Production studio creates high-quality entertainment, including CG animated, feature and short films, television specials and series and live entertainment properties.  Also has a strong, experienced and talented professional management team and advanced filmmaking cinematic technology and techniques.  Our studio uphold the highest production standards in the industry and has since developed into a full scale facility which also produces music videos.  We are specializes in production, in-house post-production processes, equipment and facilities services, outdoor commercials, industrial and promotional films, that mean customized audio-visual services to suit national and international client. The company operates in East Europe. Every project that we undertake, we approach it with dedication and professionalism, in order to be better and more successful than in the previous one. We believe that VFX industry is a field where constant learning is a must.

Services includes

• Production management
• Post-production service, audio and visual edit suites, 3D animation, graphics, sound effects, and music
• Television commercials
• Promotional video production
• Music video production
• Compositing
• Matte painting
• 3D modeling and lighting,
• Match moving
• Rotoscoping
• Character animation
• Set extension
• Digital doubles
• Virtual environments
• Story boarding
• Motion graphics
• Audio production
• Photo production
• Textures
• Industrial design
• Rotoscoping
• Feature movies
• Online promotion

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